Everyone in the car sales business that accepts trade-ins has ugly cars for sale. These never look good on your retail lot or on your website.

Chances are you already know how it works out taking low-end trade-ins to a traditional auction. After you pay for transportation, registration fees, + seller premiums you end up with less money than you could have gotten at the junkyard and time wasted you will never get back.

Ugly Cars for Sale is a unique marketplace just for ugly cars. It was created by a used car dealer that found a niche specializing in selling ugly cars. Our buyers are looking for mechanics specials. They regularly buy cars that will need to be pushed, pulled, and towed away. You won't have your time wasted by customers expecting the sun and the moon from a car that already has one wheel in a wrecking yard.

Ugly Cars for Sale helps you turn your unwanted trade-ins into income by putting them in front of the right buyers without delays associated with an auction sale. You also get to set the price you need to get for the vehicle, not feeling stuck settling for what it brings at auction minus fees.


Listing your ugly cars for sale on our website is Easy, Fast, and FREE.

-Our sign-up process is extremely SIMPLE. If you have employees playing on social media they can list cars on this site.

-Listing cars on our site is FAST with minimal required fields and simple image uploading. This allows you to list a lot of vehicles in just a little bit of time.

-Our basic listings are FREE. That's right there is absolutely no cost hidden or otherwise to add your inventory to uglycars.com

ugly cars on a dealer back lot