Misfit Hoopdies! $500 each.

Sing along!


“A Honda for Jimmy

A Mercedes for Sue

A Truck that will even smell, “just like poo”

When Hoopdoe-Sale Day is here

The most wonderful day of the year.”


$500 Car sale time! These are great for lawn art, redneck target practice, demo derby etc. The diesel benz runs great but has electrical and inspection issues. Nissan truck is a 4 cyl 5 speed model but the engine is knocking. The honda sucks for a variety of reasons including but not limited to inspection failing suspension and tires. The dodge is too stinky to take inside the shop. its just there, its as-is and includes old weed eaters, a fence, and some sort of dead animal.

Note: all prices are firm on these as this is our actual rock bottom price before they move along to be parted out / scrapped.

somewhat ugly red mercedes benz slightly beat up silver nissan hard body pickup ugly burgandy accord with faded paint gray dodge ram pickup with flat tires island of misfit toys dolls singing

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