Transitioning from just for fun to make it faster.

subaru forester on a lift with a burgandy c7 corvette, a blue brz, and a 4 runner in the background.

Bombing this turd around our little track has been a blast but since it refuses to die, the time has come to address some specific issues keeping the experience from the best version of itself. The fact that we get to test some hardware along the way is a major bonus. The biggest issue has…

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Stuck at home? Sick of waiting for VDOT? Plow your own road!

orange vdot plow truck

The world is full of problems but being snowed in because your street is plowed last won’t have to be one of them! Homer Simpson did it, so can you! PLOW YOUR OWN ROAD with this handy snow plow truck! Hate kids? PLOW THE SLED HILL! Want to make sure the trash man, Chinese delivery…

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