Ready to challenge the Boss Karen in your neighborhood? You NEED this “antique” service van

Escalate the battle with your local HOA in a way only a junky old service van can. It’s under the 10k mark so in most localities it’s not considered a commercial vehicle, it’s an antique so a set of collector car tags will make it legal without an inspection, and best of all? This thing is actually kinda useful. Everyone can use a little workshop, it gives you a new place to hang out while you are not fixing anything. Van has a lot of cool old storage cabinets, a workbench, a generator, two air compressors, and a couple of pieces of lawn equipment for you to tinker with. This has been parked since at least 2015 so no it does not run and yes you are going to need to tow it!

Don’t like the price? Bid what you think its worth Now! For more pics @ such visit the full listing on @

ugly rusty old cutaway box van work vehicle

@uglycarsdotcom Challenge the boss #karen in your neighborhood. Nothing can escalate a battle with an HOA like a dumpy truck! #chasingcrappycars with #uglycars at in #rva ♬ original sound – UglyCars

We specialize in vehicles that have a few dents, scratches and or mechanical problems. We will be as upfront as possible and tell you about any problems we know about and this knowledge can save you money but when you buy from us, plan for it to have a rejection sticker and to need a tow to get it home safely. Feel free to visit our lot on weekdays, from 9 – 5 at 4404 Castlewood Rd, Richmond, VA, 23234. VADLR Richmond Auto Exchange. 804-840-5682

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