Did you start the new year by getting drunk, wrecking your car, and catching a DUI? (again)

I have the perfect car for you! Since you’re about to be hemmed up by court costs and the loss of your license, having a car that drives is not a priority but you still got to do what you can to maintain your swagger, on a budget. This Jaguar can help. This thing is PRETTY, the tan leather interior is comfortable and the “Vanden Plas” badge screams luxury. A new car in the driveway will keep people from asking where your old car is, and everyone knows a Jaguar is unreliable as a promise from a politician so it won’t be a surprise when the car sits in your driveway all the time. The car won’t start, run, or move. However, You could push the car to different places or even around the block to give the illusion of freedom and having a life. How much are your dignity and reputation worth?
rootbeer color jaguar xj sedan vanden plas in great shape
We specialize in vehicles that have a few dents, scratches, and or mechanical problems. We will be as upfront as possible and tell you about any problems we know about and this knowledge can save you money but when you buy from us, plan for it to have a rejection sticker and to need a tow to get it home safely.
Feel free to visit our lot on weekdays, from 9 – 5 at 4404 Castlewood Rd, Richmond, VA, 23234. VADLR Richmond Auto Exchange. 804-840-5682

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