Kill Cones and put trash cans into low orbit with this beast old truck.

Have you ever dreamed of a cone-kill trashcan terminating porta-potty plowing escapade in an old truck? We have the truck you need right here. There are enough inspection-failing items to make this truck legitimately dangerous and the length of time it’s been since its last wash and now, completes the “look” to go with it.…

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Like Camping? Pay good money to live like the homeless.

All the best memories… or the most horrific, it all depends on your perspective. This International metro camper conversion has it all. AC, sofa, kitchen sink, dinette even a bucket. Chances are the only thing that still works is that toilet bucket. We had it cranking over but it never started. Someone did hang new…

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Almost as slow as it is ugly! DIESEL rat “rod” Chevy.

merceded diesel swapped rusty c10 pickup

Please rescue me from this truck before I decide to keep it. This thing has everything you could want. Styling inspired by an ugly stepchild, rust repairs made with expired license plates, a german diesel engine to make it slow enough for the brakes that barely work to be less of a concern. the floorboard…

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