FIRE TRUCK! Ok that’s sorta a lie, It can’t put out fires. @ Roscoe’s Misfit Used Cars.

SATISFY that childhood dream of owning your own “Fire” truck. Sure it has all the looks and even the feel of a fire truck but quite less then the function as the pump is inoperable. boo. THATS OK! This misfit fire truck has other great features. It comes with ladders! Those are fun, The lights look cool but don’t work so you wont get in trouble with those either. The cab is HUGE big enough to live in and thats good news for you because I bet if you park this out front your mom or girlfriend will have you living out in it. If you read this far I know you have decided to buy it but not sure how to sell it to the significant other so let me help you out with some reasons to justify this purchase. It COULD be an awesome service truck. How about an affordable option to pull a trailer with? Take the bed off of it and make the coolest looking 5th wheel hauler ever. Did I mention its a freaking fire truck? DUDE. It does start run and drive well. Diesel engine, auto trans so your date can drive it home after you get arrested for doing something stupid with it. Low miles too! Impress me with your project ideas! Already own a fire truck? POST PICS OF YOURS!

red fire truck for sale in richmond

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