Is your pull out game as weak as your impulse control? You need this big-ass van for all those kids.

Do you feel religiously exempt from birth control? Are you a homeschool family with 13 kids? Perhaps you collect baby mommas or daddies proportional to your body count? This van fits all of these situations and more. From your house to grandma’s house, to a game or the mall. Short of a school bus you won’t find a better way to move a number of kids from where they are to where you would rather they be. With more rows of seats than differences of opinion, it’s easy to separate unruly children who like to fight. You can even remove a few rows to make room for bikes, sporting gear, or even unreasonably large pets. Being cheaper than a good minivan, and more spacious as a truck this van does the job of two vehicles for less than the price of one. This was a church van in its previous life but managed to avoid the traditionally associated odors of mothballs, newspapers, and diapers. It’s pretty clean and looks decent inside and out. One of God’s less sorted children did steal the catalytic converter off this thing so that will need to be repaired before you pile yours in it unless carbon monoxide poisoning is relevant to your interests. Normally this is where I would tell you not to miss an opportunity to disappoint your family by buying this vehicle but these big ass vans are great. Don’t let this one get away.

large white e350 extended church van

This van is actually for sale as-is where is by VADLR Richmond Auto Exchange in Richmond VA for more pics and relevant details visit the listing here:

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