More mediocrity for sale, Reliably Packaged.

silver toyota prius

If life is too exciting for you I have the car you need. You cant do delightfully boring better than a Prius. It does many things but none of them that well. Its got both a gas engine and an electric motor but its still slow. Its good on gas but only in town. Its…

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REDNECK FERRARI. Enjoy donuts even without the snow.

redneck ferrari (firebird) in red

If you want to be more like Garth Brooks and have friends in low places you need the right car to get you there. This 1995 Pontiac is not just a Firebird. It is a TRANS AM firebird! that means more donuts. more trips to walmart, even more mullet! Your sister is going to LOVE…

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Get PAID to make people Fat! Buy this vending machine. (Sold)

used vending machine with sodas and snacks offered in one unit

Do you hate people? Do you want to make money? Be your own boss! Your path to financial independence and the destruction of mankind can start with this vending machine. GET PAID TO MAKE PEOPLE FAT! While other snack vendors sell sugary sodas OR fattening snacks. You can make money clogging arteries with both! This…

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Two mode Prius “hybrid” driveway art special

burgandy prius

Are you ready to look like you have a liberal arts degree but not have to break your parent’s bank account? I HAVE THE CAR FOR YOU. This vehicle delivers all the benefits of Prius ownership from looking cool in the driveway, making your neighbors think you are eco-conscious, even your friends will insist on…

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EPIC HEARSE! Kill trash cans, haul them in this!

cadillac hearse with wrecker pumper parked at cemetery

Right about now one of two things has happened, #1 you clicked this by accident maybe just morbid curiosity and that is ok. OR you are FREAKING AWESOME and you know this car would suit your personality better than the boring piece of crap you drive now. Either way, keep reading you won’t be disappointed!…

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