Two mode Prius “hybrid” driveway art special

Are you ready to look like you have a liberal arts degree but not have to break your parent’s bank account? I HAVE THE CAR FOR YOU. This vehicle delivers all the benefits of Prius ownership from looking cool in the driveway, making your neighbors think you are eco-conscious, even your friends will insist on driving saving you money because, in reality, they don’t want to be seen in it with you. That’s perfect! They don’t need to know you saved money getting this one on the cheap. You already read that this was a two-mode hybrid meaning yes, it can be moved but…… the two modes are you pushing or a tow truck since the hybrid batteries get up and go, got up and went back to China. All hope is not lost, you can get it rebuilt or buy a replacement but why bother when you can get this much eco-cool for such little cash! Selling as-is for parts or repair. $1950 VADLR call / txt 804 840 5682

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This car has SOLD!

burgandy prius

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