DUMPY CIVIC Save gas (and money) while jumping puddles.

old ugly black honda civic

I could go ahead and list all the problems this car has right up front but all most people will read is HONDA, CIVIC and CHEAP then call with questions I already answered in the ad. Instead I will tell you about the potential fun you could have with this car. -Running over trash cans-Jumping…

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More family fun when it barely runs! It’s time for an ODYSSEY.

stick figure family on the back car window

You know your family needs more then an adventure, they want an ODYSSEY! One that looks ok on the outside, heck is darn near perfect on the inside but under the hood is another story. Mechanical problems are where you can truly enter the unknown. Buy this mechanically impaired honda to take your family on…

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Misfit Hoopdies! $500 each.

island of misfit toys dolls singing

Sing along!   “A Honda for Jimmy A Mercedes for Sue A Truck that will even smell, “just like poo” When Hoopdoe-Sale Day is here The most wonderful day of the year.”   $500 Car sale time! These are great for lawn art, redneck target practice, demo derby etc. The diesel benz runs great but…

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dumpy honda crv

ugly crv interior with taped up seats

SOLD! (happens every time, still can’t figure out why) CRAPPY HONDA – Yep, check this unicorn out! $850 Richmond, VA Are you one of those people that likes to win arguments and prove the “norm” wrong but need proof to back up your position? I have just the vehicle for you. Challenge everyone that tells…

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