dumpy honda crv

SOLD! (happens every time, still can’t figure out why)

CRAPPY HONDA – Yep, check this unicorn out!
Richmond, VA
Are you one of those people that likes to win arguments and prove the “norm” wrong but need proof to back up your position? I have just the vehicle for you. Challenge everyone that tells you how great hondas are and how they run forever with this unique CRV. The engine has a blown head gasket, proving that at just under a quarter million miles the engine can, in fact, fail. The inspection fail list is longer than the trail of fluids leaking from it showing that as well, the rest of the vehicle can wear out. Trouble inside? You bet. NOT EVEN DUCT TAPE could fix that seat. Despite all this, the body does look deceivingly nice so you could add this to your argument that sure it looks nice but deep down its still a piece of junk. Make this fine example yours today!

More pics, details, and other project cars @ www.CREAMoftheCRAP.net

ugly crv interior with taped up seats

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