More family fun when it barely runs! It’s time for an ODYSSEY.

You know your family needs more then an adventure, they want an ODYSSEY! One that looks ok on the outside, heck is darn near perfect on the inside but under the hood is another story. Mechanical problems are where you can truly enter the unknown. Buy this mechanically impaired honda to take your family on fun new adventures like the side of the highway where exciting trucks zoom by so fast so close it shakes the vehicle COOL! Since it does run but not well, kinda rough you could visit the local repair shop for crappy snack box food and stale coffee while you wait FUN! If you decide to drive it as-is you may introduce the kids to fun new people like Mr tow truck driver man or Mrs police woman directing traffic around the scene. But even if you act now, tomorrow or next week you get a bonus prize. This comes with a title but we wont do the tags and such for you…. That’s right! Your family gets to goto the DMV!

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This vehicle has been SOLD!

stick figure family on the back car window
broken silver honda odyssey van

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