DUMPY CIVIC Save gas (and money) while jumping puddles.

I could go ahead and list all the problems this car has right up front but all most people will read is HONDA, CIVIC and CHEAP then call with questions I already answered in the ad. Instead I will tell you about the potential fun you could have with this car.

-Running over trash cans
-Jumping things like the duke boys
-“help” road crews remove traffic cones.

Because this is a HONDA you will enjoy unparalleled reliability, styling that will make teenage boys swoon, moped like styling and performance (unless you add a shiny fart can muffler!) All kidding aside the body is a bit beat up but its not rusted out, the interior is pretty clean and it runs good needing only some common state inspection work to be back on the road.

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This has been SOLD!

old ugly black honda civic
dent in ugly honda

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