EPIC puddle jumping TRASH CAN KILLER – Show up to your sister’s wedding in style!

CONGRATULATIONS! You just clicked that ad for the most amazing piece of automotive engineering available in any facebook classified posting EVER. I already know you want this car and I have no need to convince you to buy it but ill give you a few reasons to boost your confidence that you are making the right decision purchasing anyway. Its so beat up that the cops cant tell the actual make and model of the car. Slide outta the crime scene with onlookers confused! Remember that time the other day you thought a traffic cone was giving you the “look”? The one keeping you from the lane you rightfully belonged in? Well…. If you had this car you could have sent that thing into a low orbit GUILT FREE. Ever wanted to be like bo and luke duke jumping bridges rivers and the occasional police cars? NOW YOU CAN! it may only do it once but itl do with with class and style only a puke green barney-looking hyundai with half an interior can. Just think even after you lay waste to the drivetrain with all your sweet jumps, crashing thru walls and days of thunder style road ragings you can have your own archaeological dig in the interior! Whats in the floor? maybe its the dash? maybe its the shoosmith landfill? You may just find a body and be famous on the local news! It does start, it does run, the axles click the brakes KINDA work. as-is for parts or repair. More pics @ www.rvaautox.com

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This vehicle has been SOLD!

ugly beat up hyundai car with tape holding the bumper and other parts on

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