EPIC HEARSE! Kill trash cans, haul them in this!

Right about now one of two things has happened, #1 you clicked this by accident maybe just morbid curiosity and that is ok. OR you are FREAKING AWESOME and you know this car would suit your personality better than the boring piece of crap you drive now. Either way, keep reading you won’t be disappointed! This is a 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Superior Hearse. This is a legit old school full frame commercial chassis car with the big motor (472 ci) big trans (th400) big brakes (big ole discs up front) and the Cadillac commercial rear axle. This car is an absolute riot to drive, The push bumper is not just for style, its totally functional and will absolutely put trash cans and traffic barrels into a low orbit. The muffler has a hole in it so its loud enough to wake the dead but the fumes it pours out will surely kill them again. The brakes work, not “great” however, I have not hit anything I did not mean to yet. This car once had a table in the back, at some point, some sicko took it out to do God knows what and never put it back in. That’s been ok by me as you can see from the pictures I use this car like a pickup truck. YES, YOU can be the most popular person at the rummage sale too! Its old its ugly its got some rust but its been a reliable driver and never left me anywhere BUT don’t get confused this car is old and sketchy as hell and if you don’t keep this thing in check mechanically, it can quickly make you the unfortunate passenger that rides in the back. That being said I am asking $2500 for this car. Call only if seriously interested as you can rest assured I am not worth talking to unless you actually want to do business. Call / txt (804) 986 3152 VADLR

SOLD!!! Sorry folks this one has SOLD! BUT WAIT! I do have more! There is a superior Cadillac on our site right meow! Click selling – used cars above.


YES I have the hubcap and fender cover not on the car in the pictures 
YES I still have the stock bumper and grill. (Why the hell? some people are lame)

keywords for morons: hurst hearst hurse <—- If you found this car searching one of these words, please go elsewhere, don’t buy this car until you are qualified to own it. 

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cadillac hearse with wrecker pumper parked at cemetery
hearse with post apolyptic style push bumper parked next to an army truck

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