More mediocrity for sale, Reliably Packaged.

If life is too exciting for you I have the car you need. You cant do delightfully boring better than a Prius. It does many things but none of them that well. Its got both a gas engine and an electric motor but its still slow. Its good on gas but only in town. Its roomy for 4 people if they are all small. Its a Toyota so it should be reliable but with this many moving parts there is a lot that can go wrong. All that being said this example is a 2008 with 237k on the odo. It starts runs and does Prius stuff as it should. Its got a sticker on the back for a pit bull but thankfully does not smell like dog. The leather seats are nice and the paint/body even looks good despite the awkward to horrible styling these things have. It can be yours! Call us at 804 840 5682 with any questions. VADLR

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This has SOLD!

silver toyota prius

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