CELEBRATE MEDIOCRITY – Ford Escort Sedan (its a happy little car)

Check out this simple four door escort. It starts it runs and it drives. There is absolutely nothing exciting about this car. This is exactly the sort of car you put your son in and know without a doubt hes not going to be bringing girls home in it for anything other then to do homework together. Its simple, clean and runs real good. 4 doors great for hauling your basic friends around in. Have a boring job? Drive this to work! Get your coffee at Mc Donalds instead of Starbucks? Do it with this car and feel no shame in the drive thru. Unlike many of the other vehicles I sell my guys and gals took the time to actually fix this one. All small issues were addressed, it just passed state inspection and is ready to ride. WE EVEN WASHED IT!!!! Adopt this one today and avoid over stimulating your neighbors with a flashy car.

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This has SOLD!

blue 90's ford escort sedan

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