REDNECK FERRARI. Enjoy donuts even without the snow.

If you want to be more like Garth Brooks and have friends in low places you need the right car to get you there. This 1995 Pontiac is not just a Firebird. It is a TRANS AM firebird! that means more donuts. more trips to walmart, even more mullet! Your sister is going to LOVE the V8 power under the hood of this thing but that’s not all. Its got a big ole spoiler on the back to keep that power on the ground and easy to clean leather interior in case you spill your beer. This fine example has a LT1 5.7L engine, auto trans, and posi traction rear just like the one in my cousin Vinny! (but sorry, but no IRS) It starts, runs, and drives well even has a few new parts! It will however need a few things to pass inspection and look good enough to cruise the trailer park. Hit me up for more details.

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This gem has SOLD!

redneck ferrari (firebird) in red

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