Did you ring in the new year by getting drunk, wrecking your car and catching a DUI?

We have the perfect car for you! Since your about to be hemmed up by court costs and losing your license, having a car that drives is not a priority but you still got to do what you can to maintain your swagger, on a budget. This Cadillac can help. This thing is PRETTY, the white leather interior is comfortable and the 32V Northstar V8 badge screams performance. A new car in the driveway will keep people from asking where your old car is, and everyone knows the Northstar engine is a piece of junk so it won’t be a surprise when the car sits in your driveway all the time. The car will start, run, and move but not well. However, its just enough to park the car in different places or even around the block to give the illusion of freedom and having a life. How much are your dignity and reputation worth? Selling as-is for parts or repair. $600 804-840-5682 VADLR

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This car has been SOLD! (to the junkyard)

burgandy cadillac coupe that looks nice

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