Almost as slow as it is ugly! DIESEL rat “rod” Chevy.

Please rescue me from this truck before I decide to keep it. This thing has everything you could want. Styling inspired by an ugly stepchild, rust repairs made with expired license plates, a german diesel engine to make it slow enough for the brakes that barely work to be less of a concern. the floorboard repair is screwed in sheet metal so in the event that the brake do fail you could Fred Flintstone it as a backup. This could also be a handy way to dump your stash which is good because its doubtful this could outrun a cop car, cop horse, or possibly even a bike cop.. It looks awesome, the turbo diesel Mercedes power plant runs great and leaks enough oil to keep the truck from rusting any further then it has allowing you to maintain that magic point of decay somewhere between “looks freaking sick” and “totally unsafe to drive” Despite a list of would-be inspection issues longer then the trail of leaking fluids behind this beauty it does feel good behind the wheel and the frame/underbody is in surprisingly good shape. The hood needs some repairs at the latch area but all in all this is a SOLID old truck. Clean up some poorly done wiring, few leaks, slam this thing on its nuts with the right set of wheels and you got a winner!

The price is $3000 firm, don’t waste my time and I won’t have an absolute ball wasting yours!

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