Look, a Prius for sale, cheap!

But hold up, before you put your hair in a man bun and run to Starbucks on the way to our lot let me tell you a few things about this car you need to know. It’s actually not that good on gas unless you drive like the mailman, it’s got two motors but it’s still slow, it’s big on the outside and small on the inside. Plus, despite the fact that it’s a Toyota Hybrid, one of those modes may end up being a tow truck since it’s got some age on it and nearly 200k on the clock. All that being said if you still want to be able to check the “I own a Prius” box we are here to help. For sale as-is where is by
Richmond Auto Exchange VADLR 804-840-5682 https://www.rvaautox.com
cheap prois for sale as viewed from the front with blue paint

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