Ugly Cars

Our Favorite Ugly Cars

Thru many years of business, we have owned a lot of ugly cars. Some were ugly because of how they looked and others were ugly for how badly they ran. We had a few that were ugly simply because they managed to fail inspection for literally EVERYTHING on the inspection list. Some of the best ugly cars tho were made that way by their owners. There are a ton of “top ten ugly cars” lists out there, instead, here is our list of some of our own favorite ugly cars.

#1 Ugly Car Cheese Wedge Commuta Car AKA Vanguard Citicar

Sometimes you just have to start the list with the best of the worst. We still own this ugly car but can’t think of any other vehicle that is this impractical, this slow, this ugly, and all-around worse car than these things. For all of these reasons, we absolutely love this vehicle and it’s been a brand ambassador for us since the beginning.

Hideously Pink (and ugly) Infiniti G35 Coupe

This was a recent addition and sadly it already moved on in one of our auctions shortly after arriving but man what a paint job. Someone took what was already a notoriously awful unreliable vehicle and dumped more cash than it was previously worth on a paint job that further devalued it. However, it was absolutely fabulous and we loved it while it was here. This ugly car drew a lot of attention.

ugly pink g35
ugly turbo volkswagen crushed under a wheel

Volkswagens with turbo engines. Mechanically Ugly Cars.

Essentially, every single front drive turbo engined Volkswagen we have ever had on the lot was ugly in some way. This little convertible one was no exception. We handled it with exceptional care as expected.

Purple and Orange Mall-Craweld Chevrolet Suburban

This truck is now a brand ambassador for us now but the way it got here was, well, pretty ugly. From what we understand a woman bought this thing kinda beat up and mostly stock but her fella modified it, extensively. That relationship went south and the vehicle made its way to us as a junk car. by the time it got to us, mechanically, it was an absolute wreck and has a super ugly sketchy lift with parts falling off and half-bald tires. This will be back on the road and representing the brand in a way only a vehicle this ugly can.

Orange and Purple suburban lifted on mall crawlers.

Ugly Tow Truck – Ol Ugly, the wrecker.

Not everything ugly here is a car, this was a wrecker we bought from our friend @ Edinburg Trucks. It was a retired VDOT tunnel truck. We found it absolutely amusing but as a tow truck, it was actually pretty terrible. After spending more than we care to admit to on rebuilding the wrecker boom and hydraulics we sold it. Hopefully, it’s out there somewhere living its best life.

Old Ugly Cars – Lincoln MKV

We actually love these things too. What other old ugly car gives you a full frame, truck rear axle, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a big block engine? This thing has a higher towing capacity than many half-ton pickups of the same era. It may be one heck of an ugly huge old car but it literally rode like a boat. FANTASTIC can’t wait til we have another one. Yes, Ol-ugly the wrecker snuck into the photo for this one.

ugly old car on a tow truck

The stomper was an ugly squatted truck before it wasn’t cool.

This thing spent more time on the side of the road or on a tow truck than it ever actually drove but when it did run this ugly old truck was an absolute blast. No, we didn’t forget the rest of the lift, the springs got broken mud bogging. ALL OF THE FUN. Wonder where this thing is now? If you know hit us up on face space!

More Ugly Cars to Come!

We will continue to add to this list as time allows. We look forward to sharing stories about ugly cars with you in the future. THANK YOU!

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