1977 MG Midget. You are gonna die anyway, it may as well be fun.

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If you like to face life's challenges by repeatedly cheating death I have the project car you have been looking for. 1977 MG Midget does start run and move but this thing has about the same number of safety features as your average golf cart. It also has about the same size engine leaving much of that danger up to other motorists. This is in fact one of the few vehicles that could be totaled by a smart car, or, a horse & buggy.

While this MG looks decent in pictures understand we are not trying to fool anyone. I am here to tell you this things a piece of absolute crap. The paintjob is sorta like the makeup your ex wife wears to court and the electrical is about as reliable as gas station sushi. Lets not get started about other fine examples of long lasting engineering like the door that's more or less falling off.

1977 MG Midget Starts, Runs, and drives with just under 112K miles. Is in need of repairs to the fuel pump system as there is a leak. Well maintained Interior and Body for Its age. No other known issues at this time.

We specialize in vehicles that have a few dents, scratches and or mechanical problems. We will be as upfront as possible and tell you about any problems we know about and this knowledge can save you money but when you buy from us, plan for it to have a rejection sticker and to need a tow to get it home safely.

Feel free to visit our lot weekdays, from 9 – 5 at 4404 Castlewood Rd, Richmond, VA, 23234. VADLR Richmond Auto Exchange. 804-840-5682

Looking for more? Our full inventory can be viewed at rvaautox dot com. Thank you!

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