Better use of a junk ford truck as a toolbox

Be the Envy of the Shop! Buy this Ford Truck Themed TOOLBOX.

Richmond, VA.

Why invest thousands of your hard earned dollars with Snap-On or Matco when you can get so much more storage space for a fraction of the cost! This rolling cabinet has space for every tool you could ever need. Not only that it comes with its own workbench to work on. There is tons of space to secure your larger items such as a welder, torches, generator or even your own personal compressor. Heavy rubber tires and spring suspension allow you to use this box outside or roll over uneven surfaces with ease. The sheer size of this box will help you get exercise walking from cabinet to workbench to other cabinets as you need tools throughout the day. But that’s ok, this is a Ford, you expected to walk a bit. If all that walking wears you out climb up into the cozy “cab” area and take a nap. Are you afraid this box will make you too productive and you will work yourself out of a job? Have no fear! This toolbox comes with a genuine Powerstroke diesel engine under the hood area. It’s dead, super dead, you can turn wrenches on that to look busy for the boss anytime you feel the need. Selling as-is where-is.

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ford f350 with service body

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