Have more fun with this dumpy lifted half ton.

1/2 Ton Lifted 4×4 Suburban (running project)

Over the hill and thru the woods, right over top of someone’s house, this truck could probably go. Great for killing trash cans, traffic barrels, or the occasional port-o-potty. Whatever you decide to hit be ready to commit as you are going to have to finish what you started. Nope, no backing out of your decision, this thing has no reverse. It will start, run, and drive you (forward) thru (or over) a variety of poor decisions. The body is fairly straight, the inside used to be nice, and we are not sure what the heck is going on with that speaker box thing in the door. For all these reasons we have decided to sell this one as-is where is for parts or repair. Square body 4×4 suburbans are getting hard to find so here is your chance to turn a turd into a treasure. 804-840-5682 VADLR

This vehicle has been sold!

lifted square body suburban on boggers

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