Delightfully Trashy! – 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC 5.7

Nothing says “hot rod” quite like a red Camaro with shining paint, a fancy interior, big back tires and rumbling powerful V8 under the hood. Unfortunately, this Camaro has none of those things. Instead, we can offer you a delicate balance of faded red paint, dents, ragged out interior, and an overheating engine.

Picture yourself behind the wheel, the t-tops are out, and the wind is blowing thru your mullet. You hear the sound of the engine roaring at 240 degrees, the auto trans giving you the freedom to have your arm around your sister while you cruise to the piggly wiggly. LIFE CAN BE THIS GOOD!

This IROC Z does feature a tuned port injection 350 V8, and 4 wheel disc brakes setting this car slightly apart from other disappointing vehicles created at this time. While it does have its fair share of dents, dings, and general wear it is NOT a rust bucket, does have a legit 5.7 engine, and could be a TON of fun to make fast while leaving it looking like ass. VADLR 804-840-5682

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red iroc camaro with faded paint
beat up camaro interior
tuned port injected 350 engine
back window of red iroc camaro

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