1985 Ford Thunderbird 2dr (Ex Turbo Coupe Now Because Racecar)

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Sometimes it's just not easy to decide what to build and you really need to mix things up. That is exactly what we have here. This started life as a Thunderbird turbo coupe but at some point, the 2.3 turbo 4 got swapped for a 5.0 V8 and while some may find this swap horrifying at least it's still a 5-speed manual. We DO NOT know if this thing will run nor do we know why the dash is all apart. We THINK it's all there but who knows for sure? What's good here tho is a damn near rust-free fox body thunderturd, manual trans, 5.0 V8 with headers, cobra upper and lower intake plus a mystery engine below all that. Does it run? Is it stock? Is it heavily modified? WHO KNOWS! What interior we can see does appear to be in great shape and despite the fact that this has a sunroof it's DRY inside so its got that going for it too. Dual exhaust looks recent, as does the gas tank. heck even the tires look good. Selling as-is where is for parts or repair!

We specialize in vehicles that have a few dents, scratches and or mechanical problems. We will be as upfront as possible and tell you about any problems we know about and this knowledge can save you money but when you buy from us, plan for it to have a rejection sticker and to need a tow to get it home safely. VADLR 804 840 5682

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