Don’t try to resist this record-setting 2014 Chevrolet spark with only 24k on the odo!

Perfect car for the person who wants to say their car is less than 5 years old but never actually needs to drive anywhere. Could also be used as a doorstop for a large door or gate. This vehicle represents only the finest things Chevrolet could manage to buy from South Korea. Fair shape inside, not so great looking outside, only has 24k on the Odo but runs with a miss. We tried the normal stuff like coils/plugs etc but it still runs like crap. There is a chance its an injector but more likely there is an engine issue. Since this is one of my cars the problems won’t stop there. This car has salvage history too! SO this being said buyer beware, its cheap for a reason!

NOTE: We happen to think it would be absolutely AMAZING to swap a different drivetrain into this thing. If you are going to do that or are at least willing to lie to us about it you may get a better price!!!! VTAK YO!!!

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ugly beat up chevy spark with unmatching bumper


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