Sad story of a crashed challenger


Challenger Accepted.

These cars have been a real smash hit since they first came out and this one is no exception. Despite the fact that this one has all the fury of a Dodge Caravan under the hood it still slid into an unfortunate situation involving car math: speed X mass + immovable object resulting in the unfortunate situation you see before you now. We see obvious body damage, a broken control arm, broken brake line and a number of deployed airbags. The body/frame does not APPEAR to be tweaked however we are not a body/frame shop and you should check it over well before purchasing. It does start run and drag itself across the parking lot like a dog trying to get poop off its butt.

2012 Dodge Challenger, 60,800 miles on the odo, V6, auto trans. VA Title in hand. Happy to negotiate in person! $4950 Call or text (804) 840 5682 VADLR

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stick figure with determined face crossed arms and the text challenge accepted
black dodge challenger with front end damage

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