Hanging curtains in a haunted house.

It has been way too much fun running this thing around our little track and the time has come to make a few changes. The current suspension is lowering springs wrapped around blown stock struts. It just so happens that Fortune Auto, a company that makes custom coilovers, is right across the river from us. The talented team over there also just happens to be working on some off-road products. We were able to get our hands on a pre-production set of long-stroke coilovers for Subarus to torture test. With an improved suspension came room for larger tires. A set of 15″ wheels and off-road tires were located on marketplace along with rear control arm relocation brackets. We are scheduled to meet with the R&D staff @ Fortune Auto at the beginning of April to get the off-road coilovers dialed in so in the meantime the current setup will have to do! Look for an update in early April including the installation and results of testing. We have been specifically tasked with trying to break these coilover. Challenge accepted.


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