escape the rust


2003 Ford “Escape” Hybrid. Avoid the hassles of actually driving by parking this fine example of undrivable automotive art in your driveway. We think the “hybrid” part means it was used as a boat because there is enough RUST under this thing to embarrass the Titanic. Sure it looks good up top, the interior is super clean, the engine purrs like a kitten and it even actually drives well aside from what sounds like two raccoons battling it out for the last used diaper in a trashcan, coming from the back when you hit a bump. There is so much rust under this thing that the shock mount has fallen clean off. It’s just rattling around back there free as OJ like its nobody else’s business where it should be. Great for parts. Yes, PARTS not repair. 124k on the odo, engine, trans, battery system, etc are good to go!

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ford escape suspension rusted apartsilver ford escape with rust

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