Kill Cones and put trash cans into low orbit with this beast old truck.

Have you ever dreamed of a cone-kill trashcan terminating porta-potty plowing escapade in an old truck? We have the truck you need right here. There are enough inspection-failing items to make this truck legitimately dangerous and the length of time it’s been since its last wash and now, completes the “look” to go with it.…

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You are gonna die anyway, it may as well be fun.

grey painted mg mgb

If you like to face life’s challenges by repeatedly cheating death I have the project car you have been looking for. 1977 MGB does start run and move but this thing has about the same number of safety features as your average golf cart. It also has about the same size engine leaving much of…

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Look, a Prius for sale, cheap!

cheap prois for sale as viewed from the front with blue paint

But hold up, before you put your hair in a man bun and run to Starbucks on the way to our lot let me tell you a few things about this car you need to know. It’s actually not that good on gas unless you drive like the mailman, it’s got two motors but it’s…

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Like Camping? Pay good money to live like the homeless.

All the best memories… or the most horrific, it all depends on your perspective. This International metro camper conversion has it all. AC, sofa, kitchen sink, dinette even a bucket. Chances are the only thing that still works is that toilet bucket. We had it cranking over but it never started. Someone did hang new…

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Delightfully Trashy! – 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC 5.7

red iroc camaro with faded paint

Nothing says “hot rod” quite like a red Camaro with shining paint, a fancy interior, big back tires and rumbling powerful V8 under the hood. Unfortunately, this Camaro has none of those things. Instead, we can offer you a delicate balance of faded red paint, dents, ragged out interior, and an overheating engine. Picture yourself…

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1970’s Style, unreliably packaged

If you are like us you appreciate vehicles that exhibit a perfect balance of quality, performance, reliability, comfort, and style. Here at Roscoe’s, we don’t have that vehicle. What we do have is this Ford Pinto, and for $750 this shining example of why so much of the ’70s was just bad and needs to…

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Have more fun with this dumpy lifted half ton.

lifted square body suburban on boggers

1/2 Ton Lifted 4×4 Suburban (running project) $1,999 23234 Over the hill and thru the woods, right over top of someone’s house, this truck could probably go. Great for killing trash cans, traffic barrels, or the occasional port-o-potty. Whatever you decide to hit be ready to commit as you are going to have to finish…

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